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Meet Dr. Megan Rome, local mom, Pelvic Floor specialist and Founder of Rome Physical Therapy here in Charleston. Rome Physical Therapy is specialized pelvic floor therapy that serves women in the Charleston area and helps them navigate through pre-natal and postnatal symptoms, pelvic pain and much more! Rome Physical Therapy also offers online courses as well as their in person/virtual Childbirth Push Prep Workshops, Post baby Pelvic Floor Workshops, and they are launching a potty training 101 class this summer!!  Read more below about Dr. Megan, her life here in Charleston, raising a family while growing her business, and how her practice helps women to connect to the purpose of their pelvic floor, core and posture with movement.


Where are you originally from and how long have you been in Charleston, SC?

Originally from Orangeburg SC – went to CofC for college then moved to St. Augustine, Florida for PT school and moved back here with my husband after a few years practicing PT so we could settle down in 2018!


Tell us about your family

Our sweet little family includes myself, my husband (who is originally from Louisiana), my 2 year old daughter, a little boy on the way in September, and an adorable pug and little kitten! We love staying on the go, going to the beach, visiting family and friends, and staying active.


One thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I love to offshore fish – I have a few trophies for lady angler.


What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in Charleston?

So much to do with kids – there is such a huge support system as well for moms in the area which feels so great in the season I am currently in. I am also a total beach bum so being close to the beach is a must!


Tell us about your business, Rome Physical Therapy, and when & why you decided to start this business!

We specialize in Women’s health/pelvic floor physical therapy. I first got into pelvic health while I was still in PT school. My mom saw a pelvic floor therapist due to some pain along her cesarean scar after 30+ years. I thought was interesting after hearing her story so I went to my first training. At that weekend course, I learned a lot about my body and my pelvic floor(even though I had never been pregnant/birthed babies at that time). So I wanted to take additional courses. Fast-forward a few years into practice, my sister had a pretty traumatic birth which made her postpartum recovery very difficulty to care for her baby. This made me super sad- I wanted to help her so much in her recovery process- but more than that, I wanted change the way women birthed so they didn’t go through what my sister went through. I want women to feel empowered and knowledgeable! I want them to feel good after birth so they can care for their little one. I want them to avoid the issues women struggle with 30 years later like my mom. I want change and I want women to PREVENT and be PROACTIVE with their pelvic health and catch things way before a symptom even starts!


Why is pelvic health so important for women whether it is for pregnancy and postpartum or pelvic floor therapy?

In general, it allows women to connect to a deeper part of their body that will carry them throughout the day for the rest of their life. It is more than urinary leakage. It is what helps with back pain, pelvic stability, core work, intimacy, hormones, exercise, urinary and bowels, and childbearing years as well. However, for pregnancy specific, it allows women move comfortably throughout 40 weeks but also prepare for childbirth with pushing techniques, birthing positions, and perineal tear prevention. Postpartum, we focus on core recovery, pelvic floor recovery, scar management for perineal tears or c-sections, posture, prolapse prevention, and return to movement that you were doing before babies!


Tell us more about the different services Rome Physical Therapy offers to your patients?

We work with general pelvic health issues that involve pelvic pain, low back or tailbone pain, intimacy issues, or bowel and bladder concerns. We also specialize in pre and postnatal with a heavy focus on birth prep and postpartum recovery! Finally, we focus on potty training with little ones with a focus on pelvic health to ease with training and prevent issues in the later years with bed wetting/constipation.


Do you offer any classes or series for women?  How can someone learn more?

Yes – we have online courses BUT also have our in person/virtual Childbirth Push Prep Workshops, Postbaby Pelvic Floor Workshops, and are launching our potty training 101 class this summer. You can find all of this info on our instagram or website!


Tell us more about your work/life balance within motherhood.

I am still figuring it out! I am a small business owner, a passionate clinician, a wife and mother, a board member of PPS Charleston and have found that I fill up my cup on each little bit depending on what is needing the most nurturing! Sometimes it is the toddler, sometimes it is my patients, sometimes the business itself.. and sometimes my husband! I work while she is in school/days we have childcare and late in the evenings after bed but try to unplug while she is home with me. I think it is so important to not see me behind my phone or computer all the time! I cannot wait to see what this answer looks like in a few months from now when our baby boy joins the crew!


Who has most influenced you to be the mom that you are today?

I would say my mom – she was always so present- always there for us- always putting us first.


One thing you wish someone would have told you about motherhood?

I think people told me but I didn’t listen – but I wish I would have heard to enjoy every moment because it flies by but also told me that babies are all different so what works for one mom may not work for you and your baby!


What advice would you share with a new mom or other moms?

Try to take care of yourself too! If you do not feel good it is really hard to care for a little one that really needs you! Recover- take the time to reconnect to your core and pelvic floor- it is so important- not just to return to exercise, but to be able to carry them around without back pain, urinary issues, or any other pelvic health issue! I didn’t do a ton of “exercises” within the first year and that is totally fine- you simply learn how to use these muscles when you are holding, bouncing, lifting these sweet tiny humans on a regular basis!


We love supporting local businesses – favorite places in Charleston to…

Have Dinner with Family: Any Mexican restaurant – OR the sweet spot by Racho Lewis/Edmonds Oast

Grab a Drink with Friends: We try different restaurants every few months – Otherwise, Avondale Wine and Cheese

Have a Date Night: Love 167 Raw

Spend time together as a Family: At the beach in Edisto – it is my happy place

Outside Activities: Love trying new parks or playing in our yard gardening and watching things grow

Grab coffee: Brown Fox YUM


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